Part No.

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Condition New, Factory Direct-Ship
Brand Phoenix
Part No.
Dimensions "H x "W x "D
Interior "H x "W x "D (Per Drawer)
Weight lbs
Lock Key Lock Included (Click for Digital/Dial Locks)
Fire Rating UL 350 1-Hour
Explosion Test at 2000°F
Warranty 3-Year Parts and Labor
Lifetime After-a-Fire Free Replacement

Features of the Phoenix

The Phoenix brand of fireproof file cabinets are our top-sellers. Their files combine high quality construction with an elegant and pleasing design. You can rest easy knowing that your files and documents are both secure and insured from fire and water damage in a Phoenix Safe cabinet.

Rated UL 350 1-hour for documents and paper. These fire proof files are tested for fire at 1700°F and explosion tested at 2000°F.

Insured, warranted, and guaranteed to protect your documents from fire, water, and smoke damage.

Drawer heads are specially designed to keep water out when fire hoses and sprinklers are used to put out the fire.

High Security Key Lock is included with two keys. View accessories for dial or digital combination locks. Contact us if you would like to have more than one lock or have different drawers with different locks.

31 inch fireproof file cabinets are our most popular vertical size models allowing the greatest filing inches per dollar.

All accessories are included to file letter size documents, either hanging or standard folders.

High sides allow filing of hanging folders directly on the side (no need for added accessories)

Rugged suspension system design ensures smooth and easy drawer movement -- even when fully loaded

Follower Blocks included to keep files from falling over when the drawer is not full.

Each drawer is a separate insulated container with an inner steel jacket keeping the insulation locked and out of site. This keeps the fire from "jumping" to another drawer if one drawer is accidentally left open. Also, it prevents access to a locked drawer if one drawer is left open.

Extremely durable oven-baked textured enamel paint finish will not leave fingerprints.

Lock bypass mechanism enables one or more drawers to remain unlocked while all other drawers are locked.

3-Year Parts and Labor Warranty on the entire cabinet and lock. If you have a problem contact us or Phoenix directly and we will send somebody out to take care of you at no charge.

Lifetime After-a-Fire Replacement Warranty: If your file is in a fire it will be replaced at no charge.