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Sentry 4068CTS Fireproof Media Safe

Part No. 4068CTS

Model 4068CTS, Sentry 4068CTS Fireproof Media Safe

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Condition New, Factory Direct-Ship
Brand Sentry
Part No. 4068CTS
Dimensions 77.25"H x 47"W x 31.75"D
Interior 63"H x 34"W x 16.25"D
Weight 2100 lbs
Size 20.1 Cubic Feet
Capacity 840 DLT Tapes, 1764 LTO, 2340 CDs, 2520 8mm DAT, 4650 4mm DAT, 1155 3480
Lock Key Lock (Click for Digital/Dial Locks)
Fire Rating 125 1-Hour
Explosion Test at 2000°F
Warranty 1-Year Limited Warranty (View Details)
Lifetime After-a-Fire Replacement (View Details)

Features of the Sentry 4068CTS

The Sentry fire resistant media and data safes are the most secure vital record storage safes on the market today. Carrying the UL Class 125 1-hour fire and impact rating, Sentry media safes protect thousands of businesses every day

Rated 125 1-hour for magnetic media and data storage devices. Explosion rated at 2000°F.

Impact Rated: After the fire test (1-Hour) the unit is dropped 30 feet into a pile of broken brick on a concrete base, then re-heated. This simulates falling three stories and burning again.

High security Group 2 dial combination lock. View accessories for digital locks and more advanced locking options.

UL re-locking device for burglary protection

Safe is empty: Multi-media drawers and adjustable shelves as options

Also protects against water damage, theft, dust, and humidity

1-Year Limited Warranty - View Details

Lifetime After-a-Fire Replacement Warranty - View Details

Accessories for Sentry 4068CTS

Digital Keypad Lock
Part No. 13-4819

A digital lock provides convenient access without the need for keys. The combination can be changed simply as often as you like. Installed at factory.

Sale Price: $129.00 with Purchase of Safe



Combination lock, Group 1R (x-ray and manipulation proof)
Part No. 13-3173

A dial combination lock offers reliability with its mechanical spin dial. No keys required. X-Ray and manipulation proof provides the ultimate in security. Installed at factory.

Sale Price: $199.00 with Purchase of Safe



Key Locking Handle for Dual Control
Part No. 13-3169

Add this key lock to the dial combination lock included with the safe for dual control. Both a key and the combination will be needed to open the safe. Installed at factory.

Sale Price: $69.00 with Purchase of Safe



Pull-Out Multi-Media Drawer for 4068CTS
Part No. 13-6804

Pull-Out Multi-Media Drawer can store all types of media and includes dividers for organization.

Drawer Capacities and Maximums
DLT: 70 Fit in Each Drawer, 12 Drawers Fit in Safe
LTO: 144 Fit in Each Drawer, 12 Drawers Fit in Safe
4mm DAT: 310 Fit in Each Drawer, 15 Drawers Fit in Safe
8mm DAT: 168 Fit in Each Drawer, 15 Drawers Fit in Safe
CDs: 234 Fit in Each Drawer, 10 Drawers Fit in Safe
Zip: 238 Fit in Each Drawer, 13 Drawers Fit in Safe
3480 Tape: 105 Fit in Each Drawer, 11 Drawers Fit in Safe

Sale Price: $219.00 with Purchase of Cabinet



Adjustable Shelf for Sentry Media Safe
Part No. 13-6771

Adjustable Shelf is flat and measures 1.1'' tall and adjusts in 1/4'' intervals.

Sale Price: $49.00 with Purchase of Safe



Roll-Out Shelf
Part No. 13-6772

Roll-Out shelves are flat and extend completely on a ball-bearing suspension so you do not have to reach into the safe. Factory installed.

Sale Price: $95.00 with Purchase of Safe



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