ProfiPack P425 Cardboard Converter, HSM1533057

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HSM ProfiPack P425 Cardboard Converter - HSM ProfiPack P425, 208V 3-phase

  • Weighs 410 lbs
  • Measures 40.9"H x 30.3"W x 22.4"D
  • Intuitive operation with LED indicators on a robust keypad.
  • Cardboard is perforated by the special cutting shafts and simultaneously cut to the required width.
  • Rolls for mobile use.
  • Complies with all national and international safety regulations.
  • Bearing plates prevent cardboard from twisting, bending or catching in the cutting device - guaranteeing reliable padding and long service life.
  • Blade shafts are made of a single piece of induction-hardened metal, resistant to the occasional soft-metal staple.
  • Groove form guarantees precisely uniform perforation for optimal packing material.
  • Large, powerful motor allows high throughput speed.
  • Several layers can be easily cut at once.
  • Specifications

    Shredder Type

    Continuous Shredder

    Shred Speed

    39.30 ft/min

    Throat Width


    Motor Power

    3728.50 W

    Input Voltage

    208 V AC


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