HDS 150-2 Hard Drive & Back Up Media Shredder 120v-30 AMP, HSM1772113

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HSM HDS 150-2 Hard Drive & Back Up Media Shredder 120v-30 AMP - Destroys up to 1,250 hard drives

  • Weighs 1646 lbs
  • Measures 43.5"H x 46.8"W x 31.1"D
  • Internal carbon-based pre-filter and HEPA air filtration system
  • All HSM hard drive shredders are covered by the NSA/CSS Evaluated Products List for HDD destruction devices as an approved solution for the "deformation of magnetic media hard drive platters."
  • Destroys hard drives, credit/store cards, CD/DVDs, floppy disks, solid state drives, backup media, cell phones, poker chips, magnetic tapes up to 3.5" and various other products
  • Compact, modern design
  • Convenient working height
  • Cutting rollers made of hardened solid steel
  • Closed direct drive unit resulting in low maintenance
  • Integrated hour meter, bin full signal and shut off
  • Low Power Consumption Energy savings mode after 5 minutes of idle running
  • Specifications

    Shredding Item

    Hard Drive, Credit Card, CD, DVD, 3.5" Floppy Disk, Cell Phone, Poker Chip, Magnetic Tape

    Security Level


    Input Voltage

    120 V


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    2 Year"