Powerline HDS 230-2 Mixed Media Destroyer, HSM1777127

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HSM Powerline HDS 230-2 Mixed Media Destroyer - Shreds data carriers; poker chips; cell phones; PDA's

  • Weighs 2777.8 lbs
  • Measures 66.8"H x 40.9"W x 10.2"D
  • 1 hard drive per cycle, up to 200 items / h
  • 3 x 220 V/60 Hz
  • Internal carbon-based pre-filter and HEPA air filtration system
  • All HSM hard drive shredders are covered by the NSA/CSS Evaluated Products List for HDD destruction devices as an approved solution for the "deformation of magnetic media hard drive platters."
  • High quality materials and "Made in Germany" quality for security and durability.
  • Cutting rollers made of hardened solid steel.
  • Optional discharge conveyor belt for transporting material into a separate container.
  • Powerful motor allows for continuous operation.
  • An automatic return eliminates material jams.
  • User safety through emergency off switch.
  • Practical storage table for data carriers.
  • Specifications

    Shredder Type

    Continuous Shredder

    Shredding Item

    Paper, USB Stick, Credit Card, CD, DVD, 3.5" Floppy Disk, Magnetic Disk, Hard Drive

    Shred Size

    0.390" x 1.180"

    Security Level



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