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Fireproof Files

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Lateral Fire Files

Lateral Size (Wide)
Available in 44, 38, and 31-inch wide sizes for the most cost-efficient storage.

Legal Size, Vertical Fireproof Files

Legal Size, Vertical
Available in 31 and 25-inch deep sizes to accommodate legal or letter size documents.

Letter Size, Vertical Fireproof Files

Letter Size, Vertical
Available in 31 and 25-inch deep sizes for letter size documents only.

Fireproof Safes

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Media Safes

Media Safes
Safes designed to protect backup tapes--DLT, LTO, etc.--as well as any magnetic media or film

Fireproof Record Safes

Standard Fireproof
For the storage of paper, money, valuables. Some also protect DVD's and memory cards.

Deposit Safes

Depository Safes
Ideal for convenience stores, restaurants, bars, hotels/motels, small cash businesses, pawn shops, independent store fronts and not-for-profit operations

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