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This is Jared McQueen, owner and operator of Keystone since 2002. My father started in the office furniture business in 1985 working for Schwab selling fire resistance files and safes. I grew up watching him work hard, taking trips every week around the world. While the industry fascinated me, the type of work that blew my hair back was computer programming and the just-developing internet.

While my dad took off on another plane I was in front of the Apple II green screen with my 5.25" floppy drive writing basic programs to store phone numbers of my school friends (my first database adventure). I was one of the first people to use Amazon.com with my dial-up modem and AOL account. The idea of buying something through the internet (what's the internet?) was unheard of.

Needless to say the world has changed since the late 80's, but I am still behind the computer all day working on the web site and database. But you will probably also hear me answering the phone. Not unlike most internet entrepreneurs, I have had to do all parts of the job. I enjoy working with customers, so I spend a lot of time doing that now.

Keystone is my baby. Created when I was 24 years old it has been through many changes and grown substantially in size. However, one thing has remained the same: at the end of the day you are just buying something from me, and if you aren't happy I will take care of you. Ask any of the thousands of customers I've sold to in the past 20+  years.

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Keystone Safe Company
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